Material trading

Material trading

The choice of materials reflects the spirit of your property. The noble materials generate a warm environment for oneself and one's relatives according to the chosen colors and textures. Our job is to understand your expectations in order to offer you the pavement, tommette, bricks or tiles that will delight you.

Our recovery service as well as to offer you the best materials available. Our mission is to search, select and control the quality of the materials stored on our exhibition grounds: stone paving, terracotta, cement tiles, flooring, parquet...

Restoration & specialized break

We use traditional methods for the installation and restoration of architectural elements such as basins, fountains, gates, and chimneys. Our installers and stonemason concentrate experience acquired over 40 years and use in particular stone powder and lime for laying and sealing ponds and fountains.

Stone size

Ancestral craft, we continue the tradition of stone cutting thanks to our stonemason Compagnon and the home of apprentices of the Tour de France. You can come to visit our workshop, place of creation of fountains, portals, pillars, chimneys, stairs, the eye of beef mad to measure in stones of Provence, Estaillades, Vers Pont du Gard, the stone of Burgundy or Périgord. 


To understand and to love the material, to follow the fiber, to sculpt and to mold are essential to the creation of doors, windows. In the art of carpentry, we select floorboards, car floors and floors that will give character to your decoration. 


Strenght of man and warmth of the fire, the work of iron remains a myth. We forge unique pieces tailored to elegantly serve the defense and beautification of your home: portal, barrier, guardrail, railings, table, chair, ramp.

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Our services

From your idea to its realization…

Creation and reprint

We create and reissue all stone elements of Provence or France in the rules of the art by our stonemason Compagnon of the duty.

Renovation, removal, and installation

We renovate your portals, fountains, ponds and chimneys, stairs. According to the order, we proceed to a removal to make their metamorphosis before resting.


We organize for you the research, the negotiation and the delivery of the objects or elements of the architecture of which you dream while respecting the traceability of their origins. 

Cost estimation on site

We move on site for a cost estimation or quotation for the assumption of responsibility by your insurance if an accident happens (pillars of portal damaged by a truck).


We rent for the day, the week, the month or the year our elements of decoration, furniture, and fountains for your events or your own pleasure.

Maintenance of fountains

We offer a regular maintenance service for your fountains and basins allowing you to enjoy them in peace and prevent the risk of premature wear.